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The Strollers - Falling Right Down - Vinyl Re-issue

The Strollers - Falling Right Down - Vinyl Re-issue

139 SEK
Re-issue of this album from 1999 (by Dangerhouse Skylab Records). Comes with 17 bonus live tracks as download! 11 originals recorded on equipment from the sixties to get the right sound. One of the best Swedish live acts of the moment influenced by Music Machine, The Seeds, The Sonics, and Monks, but also by BernieBoys, Dukes Of Dixieland and Kenny & The Kasuals.

A1. Let Me Come On In
A2. Bad Situation
A3. I Fell Right Down
A4. Little Cheater
A5. Won’t Stand It
A6. Get Lost Child
B1. I Saw It Coming
B2. Lies
B3. Tell Me, Tell Me
B4. She’ll Be Mine
B5. Memories

Bonus live tracks, download only:
1. It’s All Over Now – 2. Bad Situation – 3. I Fell Right Down – 4. I’m Going Away – 5. Something On My Mind – 6. I Don’t Care – 7. Memories – 8. Be Forwarned – 9. Stay Away – 10. Don’t Need You Baby – 11. You Know I Do – 12. (I Ain’t No) Miracle Worker – 13. Stay Away – 14. 99th Floor – 15. I’ Going To The Graveyard – 16. Hurt Me So – 17. Heading For Nowhere