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The Strollers - Falling Right Down - CD

The Strollers - Falling Right Down - CD

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Summer -97 one of Low Impacts founding fathers stumbled upon a gang of street punks, looking like they recently arrived from the mid sixties. As a result of this meeting THE STROLLERS made their debut record wish was a 7" EP.

In April 1999 the bands debut album ”Falling Right Down” was released. 11 new originals recorded on equipment from the sixties.The album was produced by the Strollers.The Swedish press totally agreed. This was one of the best albums the year! After touring this summers swedish festivals,The Strollers have become one of the best Swedish live act at the moment! Don't miss out on the Strollers!

Contains: Let me come on in / Bad situation / I fell right down / Little cheater / Won’t stand it / Get lost child / I saw it coming / Lies / Tell me, Tell me / She’ll be mine / Memories

Released: 1999
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