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The Skreppers - Hedonist Hellcats - Vinyl

The Skreppers - Hedonist Hellcats - Vinyl

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The Skreppers are showmen and they don’t refrain from robbing the vaults of rock n’ roll in their search for sleazy clichés.

They enjoy mixing glitter, make-up and high heels with black leather and Finnish surrealism.

Musically, The Skreppers blend ’77 punk with psychobilly and 60’s American garage rock.

The Skreppers believe in uncomplicated rock’n’roll with strong riffs and short songs. You know it’s The Skreppers even if the song is performed on acoustic guitar.

For ”Hedonist Hellcats” 23 tunes were recorded. 14 were chosen to be on the record.

Contains: Contains: Dog I wanna be your Bone / Translucent-sexxxexpress / Perfection is suspicious / TV Ass / No Love / She's not mine / Oh! Henry, Henry / Soon Someone is Crying / Swine Fever / Let me in / Udai Rock / Slow Dance don't turn me on / All Night Wrong / Sweet Sweet Reinaldo