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The Sewergrooves - Songs from the Sewer CD

The Sewergrooves - Songs from the Sewer CD

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Straigh from Stockholm “Rock City” here’re The Sewergrooves.

These disciples of all things heavy pound the graves of The Wipers, early Urge Overkill, Arthur Lee circa “Vindicator” and Thin Lizzy than proceed to wash it all down with a curdled cocktail of motorcity septic tank backwash. But this trip ain’t just about ragged ass raw power. Shecky, THE SEWERGROOVES also dish out ample gobs of both melody and hooks with their thunder, and thus, not surprisingly have been compared to their high profile allies in all things rock, The Hellacopters, an observation wich we feel has much more to do with mere geography than true topography (even though BOTH machines do share skin basher supreme, Robert ‘Copter).

Contains: Yeah! / Yesterday zest / Faraway from me / Do it again / Electric (shake me around) / Frame up / I don’t know / Always / Never too much / Should I care / I want you