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The Sewergrooves - Revelation Time - CD

The Sewergrooves - Revelation Time - CD

39 SEK

 The Sewergrooves are like coffee The first time you try it, the taste is a bit unusual but after a few cups you just want more and more.

Listen to ”Revelation Time” a few times and soon you’ll find yourself humming a Sewergrooves tune. In ”Revelation Time” you’ll find a friend for life and a new favourite band!

This new album is the proof! Put it in your CD-player, press repeat, press play, ..and it’s Revelation Time!

Contains: Five times more / It’s a revolution / North by... / Wanna be your man / Anything for you / It’s my century / Let the devil take tomorrow / All i’ve got to say / The jug / 16 thousand satellites / Recall, nothing at all / Ain’t coming home / Hey sister (i’m out of here)