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The Maharajas - Yesterday Always Knew - Vinyl

The Maharajas - Yesterday Always Knew - Vinyl

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Yesterday Always Knew« is the fifth full-length album from The Maharajas. This group based in Stockholm and Örebro have a well-established and dedicated following on the international garage-rock scene. Fuzz drenched Class AAA Swedish neo garage-rock armed with snotty and heartfelt vocals. A never ending parade of catchy original songs. Blistering 70’s oozing power-pop blended with fab moody folk-rock, a pinch of tripped out psychedelia and on top, irresistible punk rock attitude. Never retro and always exciting!

1. Nothing In Return
2. Into the Unknown
3. Yesterday Always Knew
4. Are You Ready To Shop?
5. Nine-One-One
6. Water To Wine 
7. Hunch

8. You’re No Use To Me
9. Family Provider
10. Hands Of Tyme
11. Take Me Home
12. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
13. Might Not Live Forever
14. My Mistakes

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