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The Maharajas - A Third Opinion - Vinyl

The Maharajas - A Third Opinion - Vinyl

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On "A Third Opinion" you will find influences from all good rock made between 1950 and today. The albums mix of garage rock, pubrock, pop, minor scale punk is a timeless rock’n’roll manifest without a best-before stamp.

Måns P Månsson and Stefan Brändström are the producers of this gem. They have given the album an international sound of class.

"A Third Opinion" is the Maharajas second Swedish release – but the group’s third album.

The Maharajas consist of garage rock legend Jens Lindberg (Crimson Shadows, Stomach Mouth, Wylde Mammuths, The Maggots), Ulf Guttormsson, Anders Öberg and Mathias Lilja (formerly in garage rock gods; The Strollers)

The Maharajas have received internationally wide-spread attention and have made several tours around Europe and Sweden.

”A Third Opinion” contains 14 songs performed with style, finesse and feeling.

Listen and be amazed. The Maharajas knocks the listener out!

Contains: I'm Crakin' Up / Don't Wanna Lose You / Misty Night / Ethanol Rocket II / A Hole In My Head / Flying / Time / Since You've Been Away / My Other Face / A Girl Instead of Me / Sunday Girl / Good Life / The Invisible Man / Night Has Come Again
Release: Nov 2005 CD/ 2016 Vinyl

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