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The Maggots - Get Hooked! - CD

The Maggots - Get Hooked! - CD

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So now the time is right for The Maggots first album. 'Get Hooked' is a generous share of intense rock 'n' roll music where compromise and commercial considerations have been thrown out of the window. This guided missile is steered by The Maggots boundless love for a music that's best when unrestrained, wild and emotional. At the same time, there's a ground and a punch in the songs that prevents it from falling into the nostalgia trap. On the contrary: The Maggots are without doubt here and now and 'in your face' the way real rock music has always been. Also appearing on vocals, in addition to MĆns, Steffe and Jonas, is Per Ellverson, formerly in Mother Superior. Per has become so enchanted by The Maggots unconditional rock, that he now turns up at gigs, and as well as singing, also contributes with tambourine and maracas playing.

If you are longing for a band that delivers rock music as timeless as it is uplifting, but have never really heard anything that has met your standards, I promise you, The Maggots will finally bring you that big inner smile!

Your wait is over: It's time to 'Get Hooked' - by The Maggots!

Contains: Don’t stand in My Way / Cannibal Woman / Let’s Go in ‘69 / Never Had It (This Bad Before) / What You Really Need / Do The Maggot! / High / Born Without a Brain / Now You Say We’re Through / Five Finger Shuffle / Savage Love/ Clap Scratch Fever