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Peter Maniette Group - 7" EP

Peter Maniette Group - 7" EP

49 SEK

Peter Maniette was the man behind the legendary
‘‘The Wylde Mammoths’’, who in the eighties released
two albums on the American label, Crypt Records.

Crypt, had up to that point in time, solely released
compilations from the obscure sixties-band, who went
under the name ‘‘Back from the Grave”.

When Tim Warren (from Crypt), heard ‘‘The Wylde
Mammoths” for the first time, he was totally knocked
out and realised he had to help out the band.

‘‘The Wylde Mammoths” made two LPs and a handful
of singles before they called it a day.

After ten years of silence, Peter Maniette is back with a
4 track EP in Pub Punk/Garage Rock style, that surely
would have made it into the repertoires of the likes of
Lew Lewis, Mickey Jupp, Eddie & the Hot Rods and Wilko Johnson.

If this doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will!

Contains: Robber / Rockin’ With The Boys / Back To Zero / Back On The Street